These Dog Daycares Trust Natura™

Natura hybrid turfs are designed for dogs…and dog lovers. These businesses make up our select Natura Ambassadors. We carefully select our Ambassadors and they are willing to speak on behalf of the product, the brand and the benefits Natura brings to their business. Take a look for yourself and don’t hesitate to contact them directly for the real scoop about Natura – in their own words.

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Cassio Pet Resort and Training Center

Newtown, CT


Fur Baby Pet Resort

Milford, DE


Smoken Dakota Kennels

Harrisburg, SD

Sioux Falls, SD


For YEARS we have been searching for a playground solution that WASN’T artificial turf. The list of criteria was long.
So this Natura Turf is the real deal! Best of both worlds. It’s patent pending design allows REAL GRASS to grow right through it so we will mow like normal! And vise versa it allows for immediate drainage therefor trapping no germs like artificial turfs. It acts as a barrier to protect the grass roots and prevent MUD! The tuffs of green turf are cosmetically appealing until the grass comes through. Or lay it where grass doesn’t even grow for a mud barrier with natural drainage.

Teri Jo (via Facebook post)


Blessed Oasis Pet Resort

Fayetteville, NC

Natura Ambassadors Lead the Way

Our Ambassadors…

  • Put dog health & well-being first
  • Are forward-thinking
  • Are in good standing with local regulations
  • Have some Natura installed at their location