The only turf that grass grows through!

Small Roll

Perfect for bare spots
$ 125
  • $5.69 / squarefoot
  • Covers 22sf (17.75" x 15')
  • Includes 25 bio-degradable anchors
  • Package dim: 18"x14"x14" Weighs 6lbs. Ships via UPS

Large Roll

Your backyard solution
$ 325
  • $4.45 / squarefoot
  • Covers 73sf (35.5"x25')
  • Includes 50 bio-degradable anchors
  • Package dim: 36"x20"x20" Weighs 25lbs. Ships via UPS

PRO-3 Roll

Designed for large spaces
$ 525
  • Under $4.00 / squarefoot
  • Covers 133sf (35.5"x45')
  • Includes 100 bio-degradable anchors
  • Package dim: 36"x36"x46" Weighs 47lbs. Ships via UPS

PRO-6 Roll

Less Seams for Wide Apllications
$ 1050
  • Under $4.00 / squarefoot
  • Covers 266sf (70"x45')
  • Includes 150 bio-degradable anchors
  • Package dim: 72"x36"x46" Weighs 96lbs. Special Shipping Required
  • Must Order in Quantities of 4 Rolls (4 rolls per pallet). Receiving dock preferred.

Additional Views of Natura

Flip Top-To-Bottom View

Click on arrows or Drag your mouse or finger left to right to flip Natura to see the top and the bottom. 

Spin View

Click on arrows or drag your mouse or finger left to right to spin Natura to see the hybrid turf from many angles. You can zoom in for more detail.

Simple to install. Easy to maintain

Calculate how many rolls you need

Enter the dimensions of the area you want to protect to determine which size is best for you

Simple to install. Easy to maintain

Introducing StaySeam™ Edges

All of our 3′ and 6′ wide rolls now have a convenient-to-overlap StaySeam™.

On one long edge, and on one short edge we have removed the turf buds so the next piece of Natura can be easily overlapped. Then anchor directly through both layers and into the ground with the supplied biodegradable anchors. StaySeam reduces the amount of expansion and contraction based on your changing temperature.

Click the button below for installation instructions for rolls with the StaySeam.

How Natura turf works

Our patent-pending design has a grid of “holes & grass” throughout the turf. The 3/4″ tall grass blades keep paws and feet above the ground, while the holes allow sunshine and liquids to go through the turf to the ground below.

This unique design promotes grass growth through Natura turf when seeded. When the grass grows through the turf, it further secures the turf in place.

The 3/4″ Natura blades also act as a protector of the grass that grows. Your new grass will only get sheared off down to the height of the Natura blades, which protects the important crown of the grass.