Beautiful Yard, Clean Home

Be the Envy of the Neighborhood

Stand out from the crowd and show off your lawncare skills with Natura. You love your dog—but you love your lawn too. In the past, your dog has torn up your lawn and tracked mud into the house; it’s what dogs do. With Natura, you can keep your lawn looking great without policing your pup’s time outside. 

You Won’t Even Know it’s There

Natura instantly covers bare spots. Once installed, grass can grow through Natura. As the grass grows through, Natura becomes “locked” into the ground and effectively disappears. The only way you’ll notice Natura is there is by how clean your dog’s paws are! 

Your Dogs are Family

You want what’s best for your dog. Dogs rely on their sense of smell to get an idea of the world around them. Other turf products separate dogs from the ground and all the scents that come with it. Without the stimulation sniffing provides, dogs often act out and stimulate themselves in destructive ways. Natura is safe for dogs and families and lets your dog sniff the ground as nature intended. 

Home Starter Kit

Try Natura on your ugliest area in your yard and see for yourself.

For $125 + shipping you will receive 22sf of Natura – enough to cover that ugly, bare spots or strip in your yard. You can install Natura in minutes and you’ll see the difference immediately.

Our Home Starter kit is a low-risk way to cover muddy, problem areas for good – and to see for yourself how Natura can help you transform any high-traffic outdoor yard space.

Home Starter Kit


Here’s a collection of installation photos and happy dogs enjoying Natura at a few homes across the country. Natura is great to patch a bare spot or to protect your entire yard.


We have two large dogs that create permanent dirt paths along our fence lines and in the past we had to continually replace with sod. When we learned of Natura turf, it was the perfect solution. It was very easy to install, and blends in so well with the natural grass.! The dogs still run up and down the fence lines, but now we no longer have the dirt path. And no more muddy paws in the house!
Fenton, MO
I wish we would have known about this sooner, a great product at an affordable price, and the anchors they provided are keeping the turf down. I've mowed over it at least a dozen times, and it is really durable. I highly recommend Natura turf, and I'm going to get more of it to use on the side of our driveway, and in a couple of sections where grass has never grown well for us.
St. Louis, MO
I purchased Natura Turf in May of 2022. Ordering was easy and the turf arrived promptly. Installation is extremely easy and only took a few minutes. The turf is excellent quality. We had new grass growing through the turf within a couple of weeks. We purchased the turf because our dogs dig and track mud and dirt into the house. Natura Turf has already solved this problem and it looks great. I love that this product is made in the U.S.A. and it is reflected in the high quality. This is the best product of its type and perfect for anyone with dogs or high traffic areas in their lawn. I will be ordering more Natura Turf.
Denver, CO

Lightweight, Easy to Handle

Natura turf is available for purchase on this site. We offer our patent-pending hybrid dog turf in 3 sizes to fit your need. Product comes in rolls and can be moved to where you need it – easily

  • Small Roll – great to try or cover small patches
  • Large Roll – covers bare spots by steps and along fences
  • PRO-3 Roll – best value for full-yard coverage

How Much Natura Do You Need?

Natura comes in three roll sizes, enter the dimensions of your outdoor space you wish to cover with Natura to determine how much product to order.

How Natura Works

  • Natura is a hybrid turf that anchors directly to the bare ground
  • Dogs can smell the earth through it
  • The perforated design allows light and liquids to pass through
  • Natura allows grass to grow through (if you want it to)
  • Natura acts as a protective layer to keep grass from being worn down to the ground

How To Install Natura

Installing Natura is simple and fast. You can expect to install over 300sf per hour.

  1. Level the ground and remove any dirt clods
  2. Unroll Natura over the area you wish to cover
  3. Stretch and anchor Natura with the provided biodegradable anchors.

We have more in-depth instructions on our install page.

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