The Easy Way to Make Your Dog Park Pay Dividends 

Never Close The Dog Yard Again

Your residents want to use the amenities they pay for; you don’t want to have residents knocking on your door or ringing your phone off the hook when the dog park is closed due to mud again. Natura works overtime: 

  • Serves as a barrier between mud and paws 
  • Lets dogs grip into the ground 
  • Cleans paws as they play 
  • Eliminates bare patches

Easy to Install, Simple to Maintain

Natura hybrid turf installs quickly with minimal labor hours and no special training. Your existing grounds crew or favorite landscaping service can learn how to install Natura in minutes and the installation can be completed with just a few workers, usually well within a day’s time.

As for maintenance, Natura is just like a regular grass yard—only better. You can hose off the turf when it gets dirty and then completely forget it’s there. Natura alleviates maintenance burdens within residential units as well, because dogs will carry less mud back into the property with them.  

Low Investment Solution

Natura is a fraction of the cost of traditional synthetic turf systems and your investment in Natura will pay dividends. Residents will never know how little you spent on Natura, because their experience with your dog park or green space will be so vastly improved. Because the maintenance requirements are virtually identical to a regular grass yard, you won’t see an increase in costs associated with your new Natura installation, either. 


Here are some photos of Natura installed at an apartment complex in Indianapolis. 

Natura Fits Your Needs

Natura PRO Rolls

Sized for business applications, our “PRO” size roll is the easiest, and most economical, size for your outdoor exercise yard.

  • 1 roll covers 133sf
  • Each roll weighs about 50lbs
  • 100 biodegradable anchors are included with each PRO roll
  • Installs easily with minimal tools
PRO Roll (36"x45')

Natura is Also Available in Smaller Sizes

Small Roll (18"x15')
Large Roll (36"x25)

How Much Natura Do You Need?

Natura comes in three roll sizes, enter the dimensions of your outdoor space you wish to cover with Natura to determine how much product to order.

How Natura Works

  • Natura is a hybrid turf that anchors directly to the bare ground
  • Dogs can smell the earth through it
  • The perforated design allows light and liquids to pass through
  • Natura allows grass to grow through (if you want it to)
  • Natura acts as a protective layer to keep grass from being worn down to the ground

How To Install Natura

Installing Natura is simple and fast. You can expect to install over 300sf per hour.

  1. Level the ground and remove any dirt clods
  2. Unroll Natura over the area you wish to cover
  3. Stretch and anchor Natura with the provided biodegradable anchors.

We have more in-depth instructions on our install page.

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