Dog in snow

Winter Tips for the Pet Industry

Winter can be a stressful time for those of us in the pet industry. Holidays, drab weather, shorter days. Four-legged friends help many get through the cold months, but dogs suffer during the winter, too. Even if you live in an area that sees fair weather year-round, winter brings with

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Trips for Travel with your Dog

Dogs are great travel companions, but it can be difficult to accommodate your pet’s potty and play needs while on the road or in the sky. We put together this short primer to help you navigate travel with a dog so you and your four-legged friend can see the world together.

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What Grass Seed Should You Use and Other Fall Grass Tips

Fall is almost here and that means grass planting season for much of the country. Natura works as a ground cover with or without grass, but many users enjoy the hybrid experience of grass growing through Natura to prevent mud and bare spots. We wanted to extend a little grass

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Innovate and Add Value to your Pet Business

You work hard for your pet business, and you want your hard work to pay off. You may have a loyal customer base, but you’re wondering how you can find more customers and get customers to advocate for your business. The key is adding value to your pet business through

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How Much Turf Do I Need?

People use Natura™ for all sorts of applications in dog yards and outdoor spaces: fence lines, side yards, irregularly shaped areas, etc. Natura is designed to fit your use case so you can use it where you need it. But many people ask us, how do you calculate how big

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It Really Works – Case Study

It’s ok to be a little skeptical. You have likely been looking for the right solution for your muddy yard for a while and no one had the answer. Here’s a yard in Webster Groves, MO where we installed the turf in the fall of 2020 and how it looked

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