Natura is a totally reimagined type of turf – one that focuses on the relationship between the ground below and the life above.

  • Perforated, 3-D design
  • Light-weight
  • Dogs can smell the earth
  • Does not trap smells
  • Has a lower heat build-up
  • Grass can grow through it
  • Installs easily

99% recyclable LDPE #4 plastic Natura™ is patent-pending.

Small: 17.75″ x 15′
Large: 35.5″ x 25′
Pro: 35.5″ x 45′

All of our rolls are available for sale on this website. Click on the product name to see more information.

Small: 17.5″ x 23.5″
Large: 35.5″ x 47.5″

Our patch size products are available via select retailers.

Measure the area that you want to cover and insert your dimensions here: [link to calculator] 

Natura works as a barrier between paws (and feet) and the ground below to eliminate mud and provide a green, grassy look year-round. The perforated structure of our turf also allows grass to grow up through the product from beneath if you so choose. Once grass grows through Natura, the artificial turf blades protect the vital plant crown of the grass so even if the blades are sheared off from foot or paw traffic, they are intact enough to regrow.

With every roll of Nutura turf we include yard anchors that are easily used with a mallet. You can purchase additional anchors at most hardware or lawncare businesses in your neighborhood or online. We do not recommend the use of metal yard staples. Here’s our recommended installation steps [ INSTALL]

The beauty of the Natura turf product is that you can install it yourself in minutes. [ INSTALL]. If you want to have even better results, see our advanced installation guide [PDF]

Most installations need just a mallet, a hard rake and a pair of scissors. If you want to further prep the area before installation we recommend a ground tamper to level the ground, grass seed of your preference and some additional topsoil. [INSTALL]

From time to time something may damage your Natura turf. It is simple to replace the turf with a new piece. Just cut out the damaged section and cut a new piece to replace it. Be sure to anchor in that new piece and seed/water as desired. We typically only see this in the highest of traffic locations or if something sharp was dragged across the turf.

We highly recommend that you seed the area before you install Natura as well – this is often referred to as “underseeding”. This will give you the best results.

Yes, you can seed just as you normally would directly over Natura turf. This is typically referred to “overseeding”. The grass seed can fall to the ground below and with some water and sunlight should grow new grass for you.

We highly recommend that you seed the area before you install Natura as well – this is often referred to as “underseeding”. This will give you the best results.

We recommend that you research which grass seed is best for your climate.

Rolls of Natura turf are available through our website.
You can purchase Small, Large and PRO-3 rolls by clicking on the BUY NOW buttons. We also offer a 6′ wide PRO-6 roll, but you must call us to order that large roll due to custom shipping requirements.

We offer unique smaller, patch sizes through a few online retailers. Currently you can find our products at Amazon and Petco. We will continue to update the site as more retailers come onboard.

You can! Simply visit our “Products” page, pick out what size roll you want, and follow the directions. 

Drop us a line. We are still evaluating partner opportunities and would love to talk to you. [contact us]

Our parent company, GrassWorx, LLC. Has innovations in many markets. You can find GrassWorx solutions in erosion control [Insta-Turf.com], agriculture [AstroturfPoultry.com] and entrance mats [CleanMachineMats.com] We also have acoustical matting solutions, birds of prey solutions, mud flap solutions and we are constantly innovating and finding new solutions. Visit our parent company, GrassWorx, LLC website for information on all of the great solutions we manufacture [GrassWorxLLC.com]

Yes, we offer our CAD files via CADdetails.com

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