Meet the Natura™ "Pack"

Get to know the inspiration behind the product through the lens of our own pups. 


Bernese Mountain Dog

Floyd is a rescue from MI, he is loyal (and territorial) as they come, but he is a sweetheart to his adopted family. Honestly, Floyd is downright silly. From his tongue that often flaps out of the side of his mouth to the excited way this 100+ bounces when he sees his human “mom”, Floyd provides plenty of entertainment. You’ll see Floyd in multiple instances of Natura marketing…he seems to really love the camera. Someone just said “outside”, and he knows that word all too well, looks like we’re taking a break. Floyd’s human: Serge, in marketing.



Bear is a pure-bred (though he’s not stuck up about it!) Havanese dog with a big personality. His favorite pastimes include aggressively kissing his humans, tearing up unattended rolls of toilet paper, and rolling over to get some tummy pets and attention. If you have chicken, he’ll gladly show you how he can jump through your arms like a real circus dog! He’s never afraid to let you know how he feels, whether that means he’s slamming his water bowl on the ground for a drink or jumping into your lap to make sure you properly worship him. You may see Bear featured in some of our blogs and emails as our “intern,” but deep down, we all know he runs the show. Bear’s Human: Daniel, in marketing


Cocker Spaniel

Coco is a rescue from St. Louis. She is as much a lapdog as they come, and she’s always in the thick of the activity around the house. She’s always ready to go along with her humans, whether it’s for a Jeep ride with the top off and the wind blowing her hair, or just to the park to socialize and gossip. Coco is the most loveable dog, but she also has a bit of a princess attitude. She has a habit of kicking her metal water bowl to demand more water and to remind you if her dinner is late or a crucial treat has been forgotten. It’s not all “go, go,” for Coco, though; she also likes to chill out in the backyard to listen to the birds sing and chase squirrels. You’ll see more of Coco in Natura marketing material… she likes to pose for the camera. Coco’s Human: Tim, Natura Team


Great Dane / Pit Bull Mix

Ezro came into the family when he was only 6 weeks old. He was the runt of the litter; you could hold him in one hand! Now he’s gotten a bit too big… He’s almost three years old in this picture. Ezro is my first pet so he holds a special place in my life. He loves chasing birds, squirrels, flies, and unfortunately for him, bees and wasps, too. Ezro’s human: Matt, in maintenance


Beagle Mix

Fletcher is a rescue from Missouri. He likes most other dogs but loves their people even more. His favorite things include long walks, eating, sleeping, car rides, and chasing a tennis ball. He can often be seen carrying his blanket around the house and greets us at the door with it each day. At more than 60 lbs., Fletcher also thinks he’s a lapdog. While his dad is his main lifeline, he loves his mom more than anything in the world. Fletcher’s human: Don, in sales