The Ultimate Outdoor Dog Turf Solution for Kennels and Dog Daycares

Tired of muddy dog runs and traditional artificial turf? Discover Natura™ – the innovative hybrid dog turf that combines the best of both worlds. With Natura, you get the outdoor play yard your dogs crave and your business demands. It allows real grass to thrive alongside synthetic turf, ensuring a clean and beautiful environment without the mud hassles.

Turf for Dog Kennels - Say Goodbye to Muddy Paws

Natura’s unique design makes cleaning a breeze. Liquid waste seeps through the perforated “drainage holes,” while solid pet waste can be picked up as usual. The vibrant earth beneath Natura naturally breaks down odors and bacteria from dog urine, saving your crew time and effort.

Natura lets your dogs sniff the ground so they can self-soothe and occupy themselves with stimulating but harmless activity. It’s good for dogs and even better for pet facilities concerned with pet behavior and client satisfaction.

Easy Installation of Artificial Grass

Installing Natura is a walk in the park. It lays directly on your bare ground – no layers of rock, sand, or infill required. As natural vegetation grows through Natura, it secures the hybrid turf in place. Even in high-traffic or challenging climates, Natura keeps your kennel yard green and mud-free year-round.

Enhance Playtime for Dogs with Synthetic Grass

Natura is a hit with dog daycare facilities. Its perforated design lets dogs engage with the earth’s real scents, stimulating their senses. Plus, it keeps paws cool in hot weather, preventing burns. It’s like a natural yard, only better.

Loved by Pets and Pet Businesses

Natura is trusted by pet businesses nationwide. Dog daycare and boarding facilities count on Natura to keep their yards pristine, making your business shine. But don’t just take our word for it – see what our Ambassadors have to say about Natura dog turf.


Here’s a collection of installation photos and happy dogs enjoying Natura at a few homes across the country. Natura is great to patch a bare spot or to protect your entire yard.


The turf has held up AMAZING thru the snow- and mostly ice! We are just so excited to install the rest! I have a great reference to the dog gurus, thanks for having them reach out! There are a few others in the owners group that have put it in and are equally happy, this is a really, really big thing for our industry!

Pittsfield, MA

Natura moves and flexes like real grass. Poop and pee goes through to the ground…I don’t have to disinfect!
Arnold, MO
We’re very happy with the results! It looks beautiful!
Port Jervis, NY


Check out some of our Natura Ambassadors, leaders in the industry.

Effortless Installation, Tailored for You

Designed for business use, Natura comes in convenient rolls that ship directly to your facility. Whether you or a landscaping team handle it, Natura installs easily with minimal tools. Choose from two options:
  • **PRO-3**
    • 1 roll covers 133 sq. ft.
    • Weight: approximately 50 lbs
    • Includes 100 biodegradable anchors
    • Simple installation with easy-to-overlap StaySeam™
  • **PRO-6**
    • 1 roll covers 266 sq. ft.
    • Weight: just under 100 lbs (2-person lift)
    • Includes 150 biodegradable anchors
    • Straightforward installation with easy-to-overlap StaySeam™

Natura is Also Available in Smaller Sizes

How Much Natura Do You Need?

Natura comes in three roll sizes, enter the dimensions of your outdoor space you wish to cover with Natura to determine how much product to order.

Try Natura in High-Traffic Areas

Deciding on the right artificial pet turf ground cover is a significant choice. We’re confident in Natura and invite you to test it in your toughest area, often near gate access points. For just $325 + shipping, you’ll receive 75 sq. ft. of Natura – enough to transform muddy spaces in minutes. Our Starter Kit is a low-risk solution to eliminate problem areas and experience the Natura difference firsthand.

How Natura Works

Natura is a hybrid turf that anchors directly to the bare ground. Dogs can enjoy the earth’s scents through it, and its perforated design allows light and liquids to pass through.

For grass growth, you’ll need grass seed and suitable ground. Natura also acts as a protective layer, preserving natural vegetation.

How To Install Natura

Installing Natura is simple and fast. You can expect to install over 300 sq. ft. per hour.

  1. Level the ground and apply grass seed as needed.
  2. Unroll Natura over the area.
  3. Secure Natura with provided biodegradable anchors.


For detailed instructions, visit our installation page.