Install in 3 Easy Steps

Not only will Natura™ turf cover the bare areas of your yard and provide years of cleaner paws on your dog, it is also the easiest to install. Follow these three steps and you’ll be saying goodbye to muddy paws and a brown yard in no time.

Step 1

Level the Ground

Determine where you want the product and make sure that the ground is level – this will help the Natura turf to lay flat.

PROTIP: Seed like you normally would and add some additional topsoil (or sand and peatmoss) then level the ground prior to install for faster and fuller grass growth.

Step 2

Roll Out The Product

Roll the product out over the area you wish to cover. The Natura turf can be cut to fit your space easily with a pair of scissors.

PROTIP: Look for the warmest day of the week to install for better results. For the best results install on sunny days over 80 degrees F.

Step 3

Secure to Ground with Provided Anchors

Use a mallet to nail the anchors through the turf and into the ground. Secure one end of the roll and have another person stretch the turf. It is helpful to use a hard rake to pull the product (like stretching a carpet). This stretching will reduce the humps in the turf. Then, use one anchor every 12″-18″ along the edges and in the center as needed. If you are applying two strips next to each other, alternate anchors on each strip of Natura every 6″-9″. Secure corners and edges to avoid edges coming up. The provided anchors are biodegradable and are expected to degrade in 2-3 years. The grass vegetation will keep your Natura turf secured by then.

Rubber Mallet To Install Natura Anchors

The above double-slider shows three steps of an install at an apartment complex dog yard in Indianapolis. The first image is our ground leveling process. We used a tiller to turn up the ground and reduce the peaks and valleys. We then seeded and added fertilizer. Installation of the 2200 sf took about 3.5 hours for 4 people.

Advance Your Installation

 To take your installation to the next level, you can further prep the ground and pre-seed it before unrolling the Natura™ turf. Open or download these links for advanced installation guides that show you step by step best practices. Some installation guides are available in both English and Spanish.

Included Bio-Degradable Anchors

Natura Provides and Recommends Plastic Anchors

We DO NOT Recommend Using Metal Lawn Stakes