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Harness the Best of Both Worlds with Natura Hybrid Turf

At Natura turf, we understand the challenges businesses and pet owners face with traditional turf solutions. That’s why we’ve created a ground-breaking product that combines the beauty of natural grass with the convenience of synthetic turf. Our hybrid turf allows real grass to grow through, ensuring your furry friends enjoy a natural and comfortable outdoor space that can stand up to their energy.

Why Choose Natura for Dog Turf?

Natura hybrid dog turf provides the benefits of real grass, protected by an artificial turf, creating an ideal environment for dogs. The patent-pending design allows liquids, like rainwater and urine, to pass through to the earth below while raising their paws up above the mud. This unique design means fewer muddy paws and less trapped odor in your outdoor dog yard. You can have a natural grass dog yard thanks to the protection of Natura.


  • Artificial Grass for Dogs
  • Pet Friendly Turf
  • Good for Full Yards or Just Problem Areas


  • Natural and Artificial Grass Blend
  • More Sustainable Solution
  • Efficient Drainage


  • Installation Made Easy
  • Ideal for All Seasons
  • Durable and Long-Lasting
  • Low Maintenance
  • Keeps Odors at Bay

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What Lies Beneath Other Fake Grass for Dogs?

When installing traditional pet-friendly artificial grass, they require a compacted and well-draining substrate beneath the turf. A proper substrate will prevent compacting or movement beneath the turf and will allow moisture to drain through and away from the traditional turf itself.

Most installers of typical artificial turf will use one of several materials as a substrate. Sand, crumb rubber, decomposed granite, or gravel will all work. The type of substrate used will depend on your environment, availability, and use case. The underlayment substrate must be large enough to allow water drainage but small enough to prevent uneven spots in your artificial turf. A substrate with varying-size particles up to ¾ inches in diameter is usually the best option. Usually, this base rock is up to 6 inches thick. 

Laying traditional artificial turf on bare dirt is never a good idea. Without a proper base rock substrate, there won’t be adequate drainage, the surface won’t be even, and you risk damaging the turf with regular use.  A layer of sand is often utilized just below the turf itself to even out the surface and keep the outdoor space level and staples are often used to attach the turf to the ground, resulting in permanent metal spikes being strewn across the yard space.

Imagine the amount of material and cost it would take to cover your outdoor space in 6 inches of gravel. The material, transportation, and labor add up quickly—and it’s this extra labor that contributes to the sticker shock often associated with other artificial turf installations.

Natura: Beyond Traditional Dog Turf

Natura presents a novel alternative beyond traditional synthetic dog turf, specifically designed to work with your existing soil. This unique solution attaches to bare dirt or sparse grass, utilizing the existing terrain while providing the benefits of both natural and artificial grass. No additional infill or substrate is required, unlike traditional synthetic turfs.

With Natura, the installation process is easy and cost-effective, saving you from the time-consuming and expensive task of installing traditional artificial grass. Simply prep the ground, spread the seed, and attach Natura using the included biodegradable anchors. An additional advantage is that natural grass can grow through Natura, creating a practical blend of natural and artificial turf that separates paws and shoes from mud and dirt. Further, Natura is simple to maintain and does not require the cleaning regime that is required of traditional fake turfs for dogs.

The choice to go fully synthetic with traditional turf can be a big one, and that’s why we provide a simpler, more affordable alternative with Natura. Artificial turf has come a long way over the past decade, and it’s understandable why many, including pet business owners and homeowners, choose this route. However, our product gives you a chance to retain your natural yard while enjoying the benefits of artificial turf.

Natura is designed specifically to cater to the needs of pet business owners and individual pet owners who desire the balance of a natural yard without the extensive process of installing and maintaining an artificial turf. Dogs can still enjoy the natural scents from the earth, keeping them occupied with harmless and calming stimuli. And, with no special chemicals or machinery needed for maintenance, Natura essentially demands the same care as a typical yard.

How Much Natura Do You Need?

Natura comes in three roll sizes, enter the dimensions of your outdoor space you wish to cover with Natura to determine how much product to order.

Natura: Beyond Traditional Dog Turf

Natura installs right on top of your yard without any infill, leveling material, substrate, or weed barrier. Natura is designed to work with your existing soil to give you the benefits of both natural and artificial grass. We don’t think you should do more than you have to. Your outdoor ground cover doesn’t have to be a big, time-consuming, and expensive project.

Simply prep the ground, spread seed, and attach Natura to bare dirt or sparse grass with the included biodegradable anchors. Natural grass can grow through Natura, and the artificial turf blades will separate paws and shoes from mud and dirt. We’re certainly not knocking the decision to install traditional fake turf, but it’s a costly, time-consuming, and difficult-to-reverse decision that you should understand before getting into it. Natura is easy, cost-effective, and lets you keep your natural yard. Both products—Natura and more traditional synthetic turfs—have their uses. Artificial turf has come a long way in the past decade, and it’s no wonder so many folks, from pet business owners to homeowners, go the fully synthetic route.

Natura is designed for pet owners or pet business owners who don’t want to spend the time and money to turn their outdoor space into an artificial turf layer cake. Again, it’s for those who don’t want to do more than they have to. This lightweight approach certainly has its benefits. With only a permeable turf layer between paws and the dirt, dogs can smell the ground as they would in a normal yard, occupying them with harmless and calming stimuli. Unlike fully synthetic artificial turf, no special chemicals or machinery are necessary to maintain Natura; just treat it like a normal yard.

We think there’s enough room in the world for Natura and traditional artificial turfs. We hope we’ve imparted some useful knowledge about traditional artificial turf and Natura, the lightweight alternative. Whatever you decide for your outdoor ground cover for dogs, it’s important that you know what your decision entails.

If you’d like to learn more about Natura and how it presents a simple solution to your outdoor ground cover needs, contact us!