Multi-Family Dog Park - Indianapolis, IN


An apartment complex in Indianapolis, north of downtown, was having difficulty with their dog park. More residents adopted dogs over the last two years thus the use of the park increased. The late, wet spring caused their dog park to be muddy, which was not acceptable for the apartment management team, the residents or their pups. They wanted a new ground cover that wouldn’t force them to close the park on rainy days. 

Approach & Results

We wanted a clean, level surface, so we tilled and removed debris before we seeded and fertilized the grass. The next day, we began installing Natura across the dog yard, starting at one end and working to the other. By early afternoon, the hybrid grass was fully installed and ready for use. The bio-degradable anchors were used to keep the turf in place.

The grass is growing through Natura in areas where it isn’t being heavily utilized. This is what you’d expect. Even when there’s no grass, the turf still appears grass-like, as you can see from the image on the slider above.

Everyone is content two months after the Natura grass was installed. The yard looks nice and appears durable, and the dog park partner, who approached Natura, was particularly impressed with how the grass grew and with how well Natura held up to the traffic of the dogs and humans. The dog park recently added exercise equipment to encourage more intensive usage of the area. We believe Natura will survive these conditions as well. If the equipment happens to tear Natura when it is moved, Natura may be easily fixed by cutting new turf to the size of the damaged area.

The residents of this Indianapolis apartment complex and their dogs will enjoy this dog park oasis for years to come, and will not have to worry about bringing home a muddy dog. Success!

Here’s the time-lapse video of the installation.

Additional Photos