7 Benefits to A Hybrid Turf Yard

  1. Clean Paws – with Natura between your dog’s paws and the dirt and mud, there will be less dirt tracked into your home
  2. Green yard – when’s the last time you looked out the backyard to a consistent green yard?
  3. Grow real grass – besides the aesthetics of a grass yard, grass also is great for the environment and air.
  4. Your dog can smell the ground – ever notice how your dog is constantly smelling the ground? That will continue with Natura, making your pup happy and comfortable.
  5. Lasts for years – Natura will withstand the regular temperature changes throughout the year and can withstand the traffic of your dog (and your family).
  6. Protects the grass – the crown of the grass blade is protected by the Natura turf blades so that new grass will regrow.
  7. Mow directly over it – so special maintenance needed. Just mow right over the turf to cut that long grass that has grown through it.

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