Installation Case Study:

South Summit

The Lipton Group Property

The Challenge

A superintendent of a 220-unit apartment complex saw Natura™ at a local apartment trade show and knew instantly that it could help his muddy dog park situation. They want their dog park to be a valuable amenity for their residents, and the “muddy yard” they had at the time was not acceptable.

The Approach

As is often the case with a totally new product in the market, you need to see it and experience it before being willing to fully commit. The total dog park measures well over 2,500 sf, but they wanted to “try before they buy”.

Natura was installed around the entry gate to cover the area that has the most traffic. The remainder of the dog park was seeded and hay was placed over the bare ground and grass seed.


The area just inside the gate was installed in just over 1 hour. They chose to keep the park closed for a few weeks to allow grass to grow in the areas not covered initially by Natura.


The dog park is again a valuable amenity for the residents. There is now a desirable place for their pets to get exercise. As you can see in the photo, the area covered by Natura, just inside the gate, is now green, lush, and mud-free. In fact, it is hard to even see the Natura hybrid turf as the grass has grown through it so well.

During installation, the property manager, Carrie, shared that just based on the installation visual alone she will be proposing additional budget to complete the park in the next year, and she was going to spread the word to the other property managers within their company.

Client Testimonial

"We tried the Natura turf as a test first in a high traffic area and it worked great. It's outperformed the other areas in the dog park where we just planted grass at the same time without Natura. We have it in the plans for the 2024 budget to use Natura in the rest of the dog park.
Carrie - Property Manager

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