How to Keep Paws Healthy

My name is Tim Petsch, Director and VP of sales for Natura™ turf. I was recently guest on the Hey Joe… podcast for pet professionals discussing paw health and cleanliness. I wanted to lay out a few takeaways from the show so you can address pet health from snout to paw!

There are several risks to paw health that could be hiding in your yard:

  • Heat—if you have concrete, gravel, or asphalt on your yard, your dogs could be at risk of burning their paws in hot weather.
  • Contamination—urine, feces, and other contaminants from the yard can stick to dogs’ paws. This poses a health risk for your furry friends as well as yourself, your employees, and your family when the dogs track those same contaminants into your facility.
  • Allergens—have you ever seen a dog lick his paws until they turn red and raw? Oftentimes, this is a result of irritation caused by allergens picked up from outdoors. This excessive paw-licking could lead to fungal infections and hair loss.

Natura turf is designed to make your yard and your facility safer for you and your dogs

Natura is a hybrid-turf that places a barrier between the ground and paws to reduce the likelihood of your dogs picking up unwanted contaminants or allergens. This means that your facility will be less muddy and generally cleaner. Just like regular grass, Natura dog turf does not get unbearably hot in the sun.

As a bonus, Natura makes your yard safer for humans as well. Mud can pose a slip-and-fall risk for you and your employees. Natura gives you a clean and stable surface to stand and walk on.

Give the podcast a listen to learn how important paw health is to your dogs’ overall health and how Natura can help make your pet-business safer and cleaner.

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