It Really Works – Case Study

It’s ok to be a little skeptical. You have likely been looking for the right solution for your muddy yard for a while and no one had the answer. Here’s a yard in Webster Groves, MO where we installed the turf in the fall of 2020 and how it looked in March 2021. All of these photos were taken from an iPhone with no adjustments. Grass really does grow and your yard will look better instantly as well as being healthier for seasons to come.

In this example Natura was out all winter long, it started growing grass seed in the fall before the harsh winter months and when spring came around, the grass was growing in nicely. In fact, the area with Natura (directly off the pavers) is growing in more fully than the rest of the yard. Much of this is due to seeding in the fall, but Natura also protected the seed for the spring growth.

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