The Great Pet Business Name Sweet 16

Pet business names go head-to-head

Today marks the start of the regional semifinals for the NCAA college basketball tournament, and we’ve been wrapped up in the madness ourselves. We recently wrote on the different dog-themed teams in the tournament, but we wanted to get more involved and make our own Sweet 16 bracket—but instead of college basketball teams, we looked for our 16 favorite pet business names.

Much like the real tournament, the competition is fierce. We’ve seen names from clever puns to downright head-scratchers. But every name reveals a little bit about the unique business it represents. Check out our own pet business name Sweet 16 below and the reasons we like them so much. We couldn’t possibly pick favorites, so these names are in no particular order. We hope you enjoy them as much as we did.

  1. Camp Runamutt

This pet business evokes camp and lodge vibes that are so familiar in our collective consciousness. I imagine pooches practicing archery and sneaking out in canoes at night to prank the rich-kids (rich-dogs?) camp across the lake. Every dog deserves a place they can be nostalgic for, and Camp Runamutt fits the bill.

  1. 10,000 Wags Pet Resort

This pet business name has something Zen about it. There’s something hypnotic and meditative about the sound of 10,000 wags. It evokes those cat clocks with the wagging tail—something about the steady passage of time. Our intern, Bear, probably wags about three times that number on a daily basis, but we love the name regardless.

  1. Hounds Lounge Pet Resort and Spa

Hounds Lounge evokes the swanky, dimly lit lounges in fancy hotels or nightclubs. I can imagine Jessica Rabbit from Who Framed Roger Rabbit (Did somebody say Rabbit?!) softly singing to a group of fascinated hound dogs.

  1. Under One Woof

Okay, we admit it: we love puns. We’re in luck, too, because many pet businesses utilize puns in their names. We particularly liked ‘Under One Woof’ because it gives the impression of togetherness, of a big, crazy, family. Imagine Cheaper by the Dozen but with more dogs. We can’t help but smile at that.

  1. Stay & Play Pet Getaway

Guess what else we love… Rhyming! Not only does this pet business name rhyme, but it also brings to mind thoughts of vacations and getaways. I imagine a tropical beach where dogs sip (virgin) piña coladas and wear sunglasses. Who doesn’t love dogs in sunglasses?

  1. Puppy Pit Stop

We all know about many dogs’ propensities for ‘zoomies’. Sometimes all we need to make a bad day good again is to see some pups zooming back and forth with a big smile on their face. Puppy Pit Stop gives the impression that dogs are elite racers, zooming around the track. That just tickles us.

  1. Crate Escape

We like puns and we like movies. We admit it. Crate Escape evokes the 1963 film The Great Escape starring Steve McQueen. I can’t help but imagine an intricate and daring escape from a dog crate. Their logo also draws upon this cultural reference, promising an experience more stimulating than simply sitting in a crate all day.

  1. Petz Carlton

Puns! We love puns! We also love the idea of treating dogs to luxuries even more opulent than we ourselves are used to. Who wouldn’t want to see their dog being treated like a big shot?

  1. All Things Pawssible

More puns. We can’t get enough of them! In this case, the pet business evokes the promise of new experiences for our furry friends.

  1. The Furry Godmother Pet Sitting

Who wouldn’t want their dog to have a magical godmother to grant their every wish? Okay, maybe not every wish—dogs’ eyes are usually bigger than their stomachs—but we all want our dogs to be happy and fulfilled in the way only a “furry” godmother can provide.

  1. Pampered Paw Resort

Hey, we like alliteration, too! This pet business name conjures images of a resort spa for your pup. I imagine our intern, Bear, lazily extending a paw as his nails are being trimmed. Perhaps he’s also receiving a scalp massage at the same time. Our furry friends deserve some pampering!

  1. Full Pawtential Dog Training

Similar to number 9 on our list, but distinct in its own way, this pet business name evokes power and capability.

  1. Look! Squirrel! Inn

Okay, this one really tickled us. It’s like a pet business name that a dog actually came up with—in the best way. What speaks to dogs’ sensibilities more than the promise of a distracting squirrel scurrying by?

  1. Wagsworth Manor

Picture this: you’re a dog. Maybe a King Charles Spaniel—dealer’s choice. You enter Wagsworth Manor through the gilded doggy door and your coat (you’re wearing a coat) is pulled from your shoulders by Jeeves, a fancy looking pup, perhaps an Airedale terrier. This is the kind of experience Wagsworth Manor conjures in our minds.

  1. Canine Country Club Kennel

Stay with us, here: You’re a foxhound. You’ve just finished hitting the links with a dog senator and you’re looking to enjoy a fine milkbone and a bowl of perfectly-aged water on the 19th hole. Who wouldn’t want their dog to have this kind of luxury?

  1. Central Bark USA

Puns are great. Central Park is great. New York is great. What’s not to love about this pet business name?

Again, the competition was fierce. There are hundreds of pet business names we see that we love, but we hope you’ve enjoyed a trip through some of our favorites. Pet business owners work hard, and it’s nice to see some playfulness come through in the names of their businesses. Happy March to sports fans, pet owners, and pet business owners alike!

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