Natura Muddy Yard Patch

Patch The Bare Spots In Your Yard

Natura™ is the only hybrid turf available for your home. Natura hybrid turf is a specially designed turf option that gives you the protection of synthetic turf while also allowing real grass to grow through it. Our two patch sizes allow you to easily cover bare areas—no matter their size. 
  • Get an instantly green lawn again 
  • Separate your dogs’ paws from the mud 
  • Keep mud and dirt out of your home 
  • Easy to install in minutes 

Fix Your Yard In Under 90 Days With Natura

We installed Natura in a backyard in mid March 2022. We spent a little time prepping the ground including generously seeding the ground before laying and securing Natura. This is a patch of yard that always was difficult to grow grass thanks to the dog and the shade. Natura took care of that in under 90 days. While seeding helped all around Natura, you can see how thick the vegetation growth is where Natura is located. Natura remains in place to protect the crown of the grass in that area – now the dog’s paws won’t wear the grass down to the dirt level.


Installing Natura is Easy

1. Prepare the Ground

  • Seed the ground if you want to jumpstart grass growth
  • Level the ground so Natura has a good surface to attach to. (This is particularly important so your mower doesn’t nick Natura.)

2. Cut & Place

  • Cut Natura turf to fit your use case. You can use a regular pair of scissors. No special tools needed!
  • Put the Natura patch where you want to eliminate mud.

3. Secure Natura To The Ground

  • Install on the warmest day of the week for the best result.
  • Secure one side of the patch with our biodegradable anchors. (We DO NOT recommend using metal sod spikes.)
  • Use a hard rake to stretch Natura for a flush connection.
  • Anchor the opposite side to where you started as well as along the edges and in the center of the patch.
  • While tiling Natura, anchors can be used to secure two patches together with the “T” shape of the anchors.

4. Cover Edges

  • Cover the edges with a little excess dirt to help keep the patch from rolling up.
  • Pro Tip: You can even dig a small trench and bury the exposed edges.


That’s it!

Maintain Like a Typical Yard

  • Natura acts as a protective layer for new grass growth.
  • Our ¾” inch Natura blades are tall enough to elevate the “shear plane” of grass blades protecting the vital crown of the grass blade so it can regenerate.
  • Over time, as grass grows through Natura it will lock the turf into the grou

Water Through Natura Like Normal

  • Our patent-pending design allows liquids and sunshine to pass directly through Natura to the dirt and seeds below.
  • Water your yard like you normally would.
  • Natura keeps the area underneath from turning into that mud puddle that your dog always seems to step in.

4. Cover Edges

  • Natura blades are only ¾” tall. Most mower blades are about 3” above the ground—so your Natura should be unharmed by mowing. Besides, it’s bad for your grass’s health to mow too short.
  • This is one reason we emphasize leveling the ground before installation: dips and elevations in the ground can bring the Natura closer to the mower blades. Do some light prep work and your Natura should be just fine!

Natura Muddy Yard Patch Products

18"x24" Patch

Perfect for small areas of mud or where you can’t get grass to grow. Comes with 6 biodegradable anchors. Covers 3 sf.

36"x48" Patch

Perfect for larger areas of mud or where you can’t get grass to grow. Place several 36″x48″ patches side by side to cover larger areas Comes with 15 biodegradable anchors. Covers 12 sf.

Where to Buy

Natura patches are available at select retailers in two sizes: 18”x24” and 36”x48”. You can find Natura Yard Patches at these retailers: