Transform Your Dog Park: Elevate Your Outdoor Space with Natura™ - Artificial Dog Park Turf

Say goodbye to muddy dog runs and enhance the value of your dog park effortlessly with Natura™, the ultimate artificial dog turf solution. Natura combines the benefits of artificial turf and real grass, creating the perfect outdoor play area desired by both dogs and their owners. With Natura, real grass thrives through this unique perforated synthetic pet grass, offering a green and inviting space that you never have to close due to weather.

The Ultimate Pet-Friendly Ground Cover

Keeping the pet area clean is a breeze for any maintenance crew. Natura’s innovative design allows liquid pet waste to pass directly through the perforated “drainage holes,” while solid pet waste is handled as usual. The soil beneath Natura naturally neutralizes pet odors and breaks down bacteria from dog urine.

You can even use standard mowers on Natura to maintain the natural grass that grows through the artificial pet turf, making maintenance as easy as caring for a fully natural yard.

Effortless Installation, Year-Round Beauty

Installing Natura is a hassle-free process. It lays directly on your bare ground – no layers of rock, sand, or infill are needed. As natural vegetation grows through Natura, it secures the hybrid turf in place.

Even in high-traffic dog park areas or climates where grass doesn’t grow as well, Natura ensures your dog park remains green and mud-free all year round.

A Happy Community for People and Dogs

Natura enhances dog parks of all sizes. Its perforated design allows dogs to engage with the earth’s real scents, promoting mental stimulation that can reduce anxiety.

In hot summer climates, Natura prevents paws from burning by allowing the earth to breathe through it. This dog park turf is a perfect gathering spot for all seasons, creating a furry friend-friendly environment for pets and pet owners alike.

Trusted Across the United States

Natura is trusted in dog parks across the United States to provide a clean and beautiful dog area using artificial pet turf allowing traditional grass to grow through. Thanks to Natura, people are more likely to use the dog park, which can now have a hybrid synthetic turf that allows natural grass to grow. This dedicated space for dogs ensures that everyone, with or without pets, can enjoy your property to the fullest while avoiding grass stains and pet odors.

Don’t just take our word for it; see some of the installations for yourself.

Common Dog Park Applications

Gate Starter Kit

Choosing a new ground cover for your property is a big decision, and one that should not be taken lightly. We are confident in our Natura hybrid turf solution and we invite you to try it on your biggest problem area on your property. We have found that this area is most often a gate access point.

For $325 + shipping you will receive 73sf of Natura – enough to cover the bare area around gate. Your maintenance or landscape crew can install Natura in minutes.

Our Starter kit is a low-risk way to cover muddy, problem areas for good – and to see for yourself how Natura can help you transform any high-traffic outdoor yard space.


Here’s a collection of installation photos and happy dogs enjoying Natura at a few homes across the country. Natura is great to patch a bare spot or to protect your entire yard.

Natura PRO Rolls

Sized for business applications, our “PRO” size rolls are the easiest, and most economical, sizes for your outdoor exercise yard.

  • PRO-3
    • 1 roll covers 133sf
    • Each roll weighs about 50lbs
    • 100 biodegradable anchors are included with each PRO-3 roll
    • Installs easily with minimal tools
    • Includes easy-to-overlap StaySeam™
  • PRO-6
    • 1 roll covers 266sf
    • Each roll weighs just under 100lbs – 2-person lift
    • 150 biodegradable anchors are included with each PRO-6 roll
    • Installs easily with minimal tools
    • Includes easy-to-overlap StaySeam™


PRO-3 Roll 36″x45′
PRO-6 Roll 72″x45′

Natura is Also Available in Smaller Sizes

PRO-3 Roll 36″x45′
PRO-6 Roll 72″x45′

PRO-3 Roll 36″x45′
PRO-6 Roll 72″x45′

How Much Natura Do You Need?

Natura comes in three roll sizes, enter the dimensions of your outdoor space you wish to cover with Natura to determine how much product to order.

How Natura Works

  • Natura is a hybrid turf that anchors directly to the bare ground
  • Dogs can smell the earth through it
  • The perforated design allows light and liquids to pass through
  • Natura allows grass to grow through (if you want it to)
  • Natura acts as a protective layer to keep grass from being worn down to the ground

How To Install Natura

Installing Natura is simple and fast. You can expect to install over 300sf per hour.

  1. Level the ground and remove any dirt clods
  2. Unroll Natura over the area you wish to cover
  3. Stretch and anchor Natura with the provided biodegradable anchors.

We have more in-depth instructions on our install page.