The dog turf that grass can grow through

Natura® is a hybrid turf designed specifically for dogs.

No More Muddy Yards

Imagine a dog yard where muddy paws and muddy dogs are a thing of the past. With the groundbreaking design of Natura, you can lift the dogs’ paws above the mud and immediately cover those troublesome, muddy areas. The innovative, patent-pending technology of Natura not only shields your dog from mud but also nurtures the natural growth of grass, ensuring a green, clean play area even in high-traffic conditions. Ideal for dog daycares, apartment complexes, and municipal parks – to cover the entire yard, or just the problem areas – quickly.

astroturf for dogs
cainine grass

Reduce Labor & Maintenance

Say goodbye to the endless cycle of cleaning and maintenance demanded by traditional outdoor dog run alternatives. Natura introduces a new era of convenience, eliminating the need for daily cleaning regimens and reducing the time your staff spends on dog yard upkeep. Designed for durability and ease, Natura allows for simple maintenance, similar to how you maintain natural grass. Natura is the smart choice for businesses looking to optimize their operations and enhance their outdoor spaces – regardless of the number of dogs that use the yard.

What’s unique about Natura hybrid dog turf?

Designed for grass to grow through

Natura hybrid turf allows sun, water and heat to pass through it to the earth below – helping grass seeds germinate and grow. You choose the right grass seed for your climate and seed both before you install Natura and then again when appropriate in your region. Other traditional artificial turfs basically kill the soil and the environment under them, whereas Natura helps that soil continue to grow and generate life, like real grass.


Provides enrichment for the dogs

Dogs rely heavily on their innate sense of smell. Other outdoor ground covers mask the real smells of the earth below them. The patent-pending design of Natura acts as a ground and grass protector, not a complete cover of the dog yard. Now the dogs can work their minds as well as their legs when they are outdoors. Dogs that are mentally stimulated are less likely to have aggressive behavior with other dogs and also less likely to destroy property.


Quick and easy turf installation

Natura comes in turf rolls of various lengths. Whether you want to protect your entire dog yard, or just the most worn areas like the brown spots near gate and fence lines, Natura requires time and effort to install. Use your own maintenance or landscaping crew to pre-seed the area and install Natura. Your dog yard will be usable again as soon as the hybrid turf rolls are in place – usually within a day or two.

Installing the anchors

Natura does not have the downsides of traditional artificial grass

While a traditional artificial turf product can be beautiful, there is a high degree of labor that is required to both install and maintain. Natura installs quickly and can then be maintained like a typical yard. Since installation is so much faster, you typically save on installation labor. The design of Natura allows easy drainage of dog urine to the earth below and the soil breaks down the odors. And the fact that Natura is about 50% perforated allows the earth to breathe, and to cool. Traditional artificial grass products can be hot and harmful on hot days, Natura has a surface temperature similar to grassy and bare ground, reducing paw burns.

How Hot Does Artificial Turf Get

Low Odor

Does not smell like traditional synthetic turf. Pet urine odors pass through to the soil below.

Cooler Temperature

Our patent-pending design reduces the amount of heat on hot, sunny days.

Made In U.S.A.

All of our manufacturing takes place in St. Louis, MO

Ships Direct

Order online and have the product shipped directly to you

Resetting expectations for outdoor dog yards across the country

Natura is designed for applications and situations with many dogs. It is perfect for apartment complex dog parks , dog daycare, dog kennels , boarding facilities, neighborhood dog parks and even homeowners who have multiple and large dogs. We invite you to explore the information and success stories of outdoor dog yards like your specific area.

See how much Natura you may need for your dog park.


Lightweight, Easy to Handle

Natura is delivered in rolls that are manageable for individuals or small landscape crews. Our hybrid turf is available in multiple lengths and widths to meet your needs. Natura ships directly to your door.