Natura turf is the simple solution for muddy paws and a messy yard.

Hybrid turf designed for pets.

Easy to install.

Promotes growth of real grass.

About Natura turf

You can have a clean dog AND a clean home

When you have the Natura turf in your yard, letting your dog back into the home is a breeze and requires no paw cleaning. The turf acts as a barrier between the dirt & mud and your pup’s paws meaning that they are kept above the mud when they are out playing in the yard.

Simple to install and easy to maintain

The Natura turf product lays on top of your worn areas in the yard and promotes the growth of real grass as it protects the soil from the pacing and digging of your dog. Natura will protect your yard for years to come, you can mow right over the top of it.

You can also choose not to grow grass through Natura. By putting a layer of sand between the bare ground and Natura you will eliminate grass and weeds growing up through the turf – for even less maintenance.

Safe For Pups & People

Natura turf’s hybrid design does not retain odors nor does it retain heat on those warm summer days. Simply wash urine right through to the earth below to keep paws away from bacteria.

You’ll find that Natura is much cooler to the touch than other synthetic turfs and hard scapes – meaning more comfort for your dogs – and their humans.

Made In The U.S.A.

Natura hybrid turf is proudly manufactured in St Louis, MO. We take pride in bringing jobs to the community we live in.