Turf. Reimagined.

Natura™ is a hybrid turf designed specifically for dogs.

Dogs want to smell the earth, let them!

Smell is a dog’s primary sense. Dogs get an accurate picture of the world through scent and the act of sniffing around their environment is calming to them. When dogs are placed in an environment where scent is difficult to pick up—like in a yard with fake turf installed—they lose that source of stimulation and often turn to more destructive ways to stimulate themselves. Liquids, light, and smells pass through Natura so your dogs can keep doing their thing.

No More Muddy Yards

Natura places a barrier between paws and the ground. Pups’ paws will stay clean and your yard will stay mud free and intact. That means less mud in your facility and fewer bare patches in your yard. Eliminating mud doesn’t mean eliminating grass, either. Natura allows grass to grow up through the turf so you can get the best of both worlds: the cleanliness of synthetic turf with all the benefits of a natural grass yard. 

Don’t Do More Than You Need To

Natura is the easy solution that goes the distance. An investment in Natura for your yard will serve you well for years to come. Natura is easy to install and maintenance is largely the same as any other natural yard. Don’t overcomplicate your outdoor space. Natura is the simple solution for muddy paws and a messy yard. 

Grass Grows Through It

Natura is unlike any artificial turf—it’s lightweight and perforated so grass can grow up through it. Liquids and light can pass through Natura so your yard can still be a yard, only better. You can mow over the turf and landscape in peace. After the grass grows in, Natura locks in place and virtually disappears without losing its effectiveness. 


Lightweight, Easy to Handle

Natura turf is available for purchase on this site. We offer our patent-pending hybrid dog turf in 3 sizes to fit your need. Product comes in rolls and can be moved to where you need it – easily

  • Small Roll – great to try for yourself
  • Large Roll – covers bare spots by steps and along fences
  • Pro Roll – best value for full-yard coverage
Natura is great for dog daycare businesses, multi-family outdoor dog runs, dog exercise yards, community dog parks and even in your back yard.
About Natura turf

You can have a clean dog AND a clean home

When you have Natura turf in your yard, letting your dog back into the home is a breeze and requires no paw cleaning. The turf acts as a barrier between the dirt & mud and your pup’s paws meaning that they are kept above the mud when they are out playing in the yard.

Simple to install and easy to maintain

The Natura turf product lays on top of your worn areas in the yard and promotes the growth of real grass as it protects the soil from the pacing and digging of your dog. Natura will protect your yard for years to come, you can mow right over the top of it.

You can also choose not to grow grass through Natura. By putting a layer of sand between the bare ground and Natura you will eliminate grass and weeds growing up through the turf – for even less maintenance.

Low Odor

Does not smell like traditional turf. Urine odors pass through to the soil below.

Cooler Temperature

Our patent-pending design reduces the amount of heat on hot, sunny days.

Made In U.S.A.

All of our manufacturing takes place in St. Louis, MO

Ships Direct

Order online and have the product shipped directly to you

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