How Much Turf Do I Need?

People use Natura™ for all sorts of applications in dog yards and outdoor spaces: fence lines, side yards, irregularly shaped areas, etc. Natura is designed to fit your use case so you can use it where you need it. But many people ask us, how do you calculate how big your yard is, or how much turf you need? Luckily, Google Earth has a measurement tool that makes estimating your area simple and easy. In this article, we’ll show you how to use Google Earth to estimate the area of your yard so you can know how much Natura is right for you 

First, open up Google Earth and find the magnifying glass icon. Type in the address of your site. We’ll use our company’s location for our example. 

Hover over the area where you’ll use Natura. Make sure you have a good idea of where you want to place your hybrid turf.  

Find the ruler icon on the left-hand side. Now, where you click will place a point to be measured. All you have to do is trace the perimeter of your desired area to make a closed shape. In the case of a regular shape—such as a rectangle or square—this is as simple as clicking each corner. If you’re tracing a more complex shape, simply place points around the perimeter in short intervals, tracing the curves or bends in your area. Finish the shape by connecting the line back to the original point you placed. 

You should now see the area and the length of the perimeter measured for you. The area is the number you want. Make sure to change the unit of measurement to square feet; that’s how we measure our rolls of Natura. 

Now, find a calculator and divide the total area by the square footage of each roll. We offer several sizes of rolls. It’s recommended that you purchase the largest feasible size you can to save money per square foot and give you fewer rolls to handle. The pro roll, for example, may fit your area requirements but bear in mind that it is a large roll that requires special delivery and may be unsuited to many users. 

Simply divide the total area in square feet by the square footage of your chosen roll as shown on our website. 

Your result should equal the approximate number of artificial turf rolls you’ll need to fit your space. Of course, your number usually won’t come out as a whole number. You’ll want to round up so you don’t have a tiny bare strip in your yard. 

We hope we’ve helped make the area estimate process easier for you. Once you know how many rolls you need, the rest of the process is simple as can be. Just install Natura in your yard with the included biodegradable anchors and kiss your mud problem goodbye! 

(Images courtesy of Google Earth and Grégory Costa from Pexels

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