Professional Applications for Natura™

Daycare & Boarding

Multi-Family & Hospitality

Community Dog Parks

PRO Roll

Lightweight, Easy to Handle

Natura turf is available for purchase on this site or by contacting us direct. We offer our patent-pending hybrid dog turf in 3 sizes to fit your need. Natura ships direct to you in rolls and is easy to install yourself, or with your maintenance or landscape team,

  • Small Roll – great to try or cover small patches
  • Large Roll – covers bare spots by steps and along fences
  • PRO-3 Roll – best value for full-yard coverage

Reduces mud

When you have Natura turf in your dog yard, letting the dogs back into the business is a breeze and requires no paw cleaning. The turf acts as a barrier between the dirt & mud and the pup’s paws meaning that they are kept above the mud when they are out playing in the yard. Reduce the amount of cleanup for your staff!

The best of earth + turf

The Natura turf product lays on top of your bare ground and promotes the growth of real grass. Unlike other turfs, dogs can see and smell the earth through Natura. Don’t block the dog’s desire to sniff the ground.


Allows real grass to grow

The Natura turf patent-pending design allows for moisture and light to pass directly through the turf. When you put down grass seed in your dog yard you can have real grass growing through Natura. We recommend seeding the yard before installation and then over-seeding as desired season after season. Whether you are able to grow grass in your yard due to the amount of dog traffic or your climate, the turf looks like grass from the moment it is installed. Natura is the only hybrid turf that promotes grass growth.


Lasts for years

Depending on the amount of paw-traffic you will see varying degrees of wear as well as vegetation growth through Natura turf. Regardless of the natural grass growth, Natura will act as a protective barrier for your dog yard and will keep mud from the dog’s paws.

The graphic to the right depicts what you can expect from Natura turf in terms of product life. The areas that get the most paw-traffic will wear the fastest – think of this as the area that has constant traffic through the day. The medium zone is the area that gets paw traffic daily, but it is not as intense. The low zone represents the areas that still get some traffic, but it is considerably less than the high and medium.

In this graphic depiction, you can also expect more vegetative growth in the low zone as the grass will have an opportunity to grow before being sheared off by the dog’s paws.

When the turf does wear, all you have to do is replace the worn strips for a small fraction of the cost and labor. Our hybrid turf gives you the look of real grass with the opportunity for real grass growth that lasts longer than sod and at a fraction of the cost of full synthetic turf systems.