5 Benefits of Natura™ Dog Turf in Hot and Dry Climates

Natura helps pet owners and pet business owners all across the country, in a variety of climates. We know that Natura is great at separating paws from mud—but that’s not all it can do. One question we often hear is “How does Natura help those in dry climates?” Here’s 5 benefits of using Natura turf beyond just a mud barrier.

  1. Less dust—Natura turf over dry dirt keeps dust down and off your dogs’ paws. This reduction in dust makes the air cleaner and keeps surrounding dust off buildings and vehicles.
  2. Manages heat—Natura’s hybrid turf blades diffuse sunlight and reduce buildup of the sun’s heat on the ground so your dogs will feel comfortable lying on the yard.
  3. Always looks green—it is recommended to let your grass go dormant in hot and dry weather. With Natura, your grass always looks green, so you’ll be more comfortable letting your grass go dormant.
  4. Use less water—if you let your grass go dormant, as you can with Natura, you’ll use less water to maintain your yard. This is especially important in areas where outdoor water use is restricted.
  5. Protect dormant grass from your dog—when grass goes dormant, the shoots go brown and often die, but the rhizomes, crown, and roots stay alive [read more]. With Natura Hybrid Turf, you can feel confident that your dormant grass is protected from digging dogs.

Natura™ is a Hybrid Turf

Natura turf is an innovative hybrid-turf designed specifically for pets. Natura allows grass to grow through and liquids to reach the soil below, but eliminates mud and dust problems from your yard. Our turf is simple to install and maintain with household tools like a mallet and a pair of scissors. It is a fraction of the cost of fully-synthetic turf solutions and looks like lush, green turf year-round.

The patent pending design of Natura allows the ground to breathe through it.

As you can see, Natura is a sure boon to the home or business owner in a hot and dry climate. When the rain does come, your dogs’ paws will be separated from the mud as well. No matter the weather, Natura turf is there to help you and your dogs. View our products here to learn more.

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